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Forest Dimensions

About us

We just love and believe the power of nature and travel the journey of life with an open heart. In return, the nature is giving us unique abilities to capture the shots, that are not always noticeable by most of us in our busy routines. 🧙‍♂️

Forest Dimensions is a brand, that shows inVisible Earth, Forest and Fire Spirits, that are hidden from system to earths inhabitants. 🦉

We are on a mission to remind everyone how important and magical our Mother Earth is, and how powerful you can feel when you get closer to it! 🌻

We want to share high earths and cosmic energies with unconditional love to every living being. 🥰 

As the form of sharing, we transformed the powerful nature's energy into unique photo shots. ✨


We are always open minded to everyone, who has interests in co-operation. Do not hesitate to send us an email, or a message in Instagram or Facebook. If you have any interesting ideas, just let us know!! 😉 

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